CyclingFantasy is an online manager of Cycling in which you can play totally for free and share with your friends and acquaintances that you are the best coach in your leagues. For this, you must make the best possible team, based on a budget set, and at the same time, get the best possible score with your bike riders.


Definitely, one of the priorities of CF is increasing the excitement and tension of each of the races held in the cycling calendar. Now you will care what cyclist win, you will care if a bike rider leaves, for example, in the Tour de France. Now you will experience cycling as you had never experienced before.

Can you be the most knowledgeable manager in the cycling world?

In this section you can meet the market players that are available to be signed for your team, either they have been launched by CyclingFantasy, or they have been set by another member of the Community or League. At the same time, you as a user can sell the bike rider/s and receive a specific amount of money.

To make an offer you should please click on the cyclist to download the dropdown. You should always introduce there a specified amount, at least, matching the market value or the minimum value set by the user who has brought to market this bike rider and press the u201Caccept u201D button so CyclingFantasy can record the transaction or the bid.

If you have put a player on the market, you can see if you have any offer for X bike rider as the dollar sign will appear, notifying you that there is an offer. That''s when you must either accept or, reject it.

This year, as a novelty, we have included the number of offers that a particular cyclist has received. You will see it as a red small ball with the number inside. With this information you will know the number of offers it has received. If you see that no one has made an offer for a cyclist, before the market closes, you could get it at bargain price.

NOTE : Every time a league or a new community is created, the administrator of it could choose the time that bike rider stay on the market. It can range between 1 and 3 days. However, these elections could be modified by the administrator himself inside the tab u2018Administration u2019.

MOBILE VERSION: To make offers in the mobile version, user has to access to ‘market’ section and slide his finger right or left on the cyclist. A new window will open where user can make his offer for the cyclist.

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